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L'oro invisible 12+1 (Invisible gold)
Leonardo da Vinci ' The Last Supper '
An exhibition of images of Jesus Christ and his 12 disciples.
by Giulio Manfredi commissioned by the Italian Ministry of Culture and the Vatican
The installation exhibition has so far featured The Last Supper
Santa Maria delle Grazie Church in Milan (World Heritage) and
Brera Museum (Architectural Heritage), Palazzo Venaria in Turin (World Heritage),
The world largest collection of Leonardo da Vinci sketches and notes
It has also been held at the Ambrosiana Museum and Library in Milan.

It will be held at the Nagasaki Prefectural Museum of Art for the first time in Japan.
2022/10/13 (Thursday) 15:00 Reception
14th (Fri) Opening
15th (Sat) 11:00 Giulio Manfredi's artist talk
~January 22, 2023


You can enjoy cassata (Italian sweets) inspired by jewelry at the museum cafe during the period.


Bartholomew on the far left of the Last Supper painting.
Manfredi created this sandal as a motif that evokes the long and arduous journey of the saint, who preached the gospel to the far East and even to India. Crafted in pink gold and silver, it is accented with carefully polished cabochon red agate, with the impressive depth of its red hue, this jewel has a connotation of courage and bravery.  Within it abides Manfredi's own tribute to the life of Bartholomew.
Blessed Jacobus de Voragine, who lived in the 13th century, wrote that Bartholomew wore the same robe and sandals for 26 years, and that neither became worn out or dirty. 
Made of gold, which never loses its glitter, Manfredi's sandals are a perfect token of his praise for the career and eternal purity he sees in this apostle.
​ (Partial excerpt from Nagasaki Prefectural Museum of Art commentary)

Italy, the country with the most World Heritage Sites
The Italian Ministry of Culture not only carefully preserves cultural heritage, but also thinks from an artistic perspective how to revive it in the present and connect it to the future.
The works in this exhibition were produced at the request of the government.
​ already has a high reputation in Italy.


With the cooperation of Mr. Inaba, the curator of the Nagasaki Prefectural Museum of Art, we created a booklet that focuses on Christ and each of his disciples and explains them in an easy-to-understand manner.
​Photos and explanatory books made in Italy are available at the museum shop inside the museum.

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