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ACCO is a jewelry brand featuring Akoya Baroque Pearls from one of Japan's

most scenic islands, Iki.

[Akoya Baroque Pearls chosen by ACCO ]

・ The producer, Kamimura Pearl, received national recognition as the multiple-time winner of the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award and the Fisheries Agency Commissioner's Award at the Japan Natural Pearl Fair.

ACCO selects the finest of the Akoya Baroque Pearls, choosing those that have taken over one full year to develop in the sea, which is twice as long as the normal farming period of 6 months.

・ The pearls are known for their rarity, thickness, and special brilliance, combined with the charm of their mysteriously incomplete spherical form.

・ Their color is untouched- true and natural.


These special pearls are not only for special occasions.

We hope that you will wear them on all occasions
and wish they bring
 joy and richness to your everyday.


Amulet from the sea


With the grace that comes from the sea.


The pearl is nature's own work of art.


Beautiful, fine-grained pearls come from the Sea of Japan, known for its dramatic seasonal changes.


They are full of mystery, like the moon.


They make every woman's skin and facial expressions shine beautifully.


On an island in the South of Japan, they are tenderly cultivated. After over a year, they come out thick and lustrous. 


Their incomplete spheres bring out a mysterious fascination. On each, the light reflects and shines like the aurora.


No two are the same.


An encounter with a one and only pearl is a miracle and a true joy.

Each pearl has an individual expression and enchantment that you'll want to wear always.


By wearing them, you can find the special feelings of bliss that they will hug you close and protect you.


We propose wearing ACCO pearls daily to enjoy feminine sophistication and luxurious playfulness for all occasions.


A little elegance for your everyday life.

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